Using an iPad as a Digital Sign for Your Business

Digital Billboard

If you are a business owner and have already reviewed your options for digital signage for your storefront, you will likely agree that it is not cheap. When considering all of the factors of digital signage, such as hardware, installation, software and graphic design, a single setup can ultimately cost you thousands of dollars. In addition, if you would ever want to update the content of the sign, further costs may be involved.

When it comes to comparing the benefits and overall cost of digital signage, many business owners will usually decide that it is not worth the trouble; however, with the introduction of the iPad, businesses have a more feasible option of deploying digital signage throughout their stores. Ultimately, the iPad is a much less expensive option, therefore, the risk of financial loss from theft or damage can be greatly reduced. Below are just a few advantages of using an iPad as a digital sign for business:

  1. Low Hardware Costs
  2. Wide Variety of Affordable Kiosks/Displays
  3. Inexpensive/Easy-to-Use Digital Sign Apps
  4. Touch Screen/Ability to Interact

Today, digital sign applications for the iPad will provide your business with the ability to quickly configure the app on your own from the tablet itself. One app in which you may want to consider using is OnSpot Social. This will allow you, as a business owner, to change the signage and messaging as often as you would like without involving a third party. Using an iPad in place of classic digital signage also gives you the ability to interact with the iPad with its touch screen capabilities. Customers are able to engage with the iPad to find information and communicate with your business as well.

Digital Signage App

OnSpot Social App's Digital Signage Feature

Using the iPad as an alternative to classic digital signage is an affordable and effective way to interact with your customers. Rather than install an expensive digital display for your business and pay too much for customized design work, invest in an iPad as a simple solution. There are many advantages to using an iPad for digital signage; see what you can accomplish for your business.

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