Using iPads in Hotels to Enhance the Guest Experience

For the hotel industry, success is directly linked to positive guest experiences. Guests who enjoy their stay at a hotel will come back. They are also more likely to recommend your hotel to friends, co-workers, and family. Hotel guests who have a negative experience will also be happy to share that feedback with friends, co-workers, and family… In order to keep guests happy hotels are constantly trying different tactics aimed at enhancing the guest experience.

Giving Context to the Hotel Guest Experience

When I say, “guest experience”, what are some things that come to mind for you? For me guest experience can be influenced by many different things. Before we move too far into this article, let me provide you with a few examples of things that I think directly impact hotel guest experience:

  • Cleanliness of hotel rooms, but also the hotel in general
  • Staff courtesy
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good food and quick service
  • Location of the hotel
  • Level of technology integration (ie. free wireless internet throughout the hotel)

I’m sure we could spend a lot more time on the list above, but I simply wanted to provide you with a little context so that we can move forward in our discussion and all share an understanding of what influences the “guest experience”.

Using iPads in Hotels

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A few years ago hotels began integrating wireless internet into their facilities. They also have adopted other technologies such as having iPod/iPhone jacks in guest rooms, setting up elaborate TV & Sound Systems, etc. All of these upgraded features are integrated in hopes of enhancing the guest experience. One new technology that has taken almost every industry on the planet by storm after it’s release just a few years ago is iPad. If you’re a regular reader of this blog than you know just how many industries have adopted iPad in order to better perform specific tasks or to add value to their customer experience. Hotels are next on the list.

Hotels and other businesses spend huge sums of money buying new technology hardware and software for their hotel. Usually this hardware/software can be used for one purpose and that’s it. Now, with iPad, hotels can save a ton of money on hardware costs, as well as, software costs. Not only that, but with all of the business apps currently in the App Store, and the millions more that will be released in the coming years, you can now leverage iPads for MULTIPLE tasks instead of just one or two.

How Can Hotels Use iPads to Enhance the Guest Experience?

Using iPads to enhance hotel guest experiences can be an extremely effective strategy for your hotel. When I get asked the question, “what can I do with an iPad”, my response is always the same, “you’re limited only by your creativity”. This device is changing how doctors treat Autistic children. It’s EXTREMELY powerful when leveraged properly. Start thinking about how YOU can take advantage of this new technology for your hotel. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Use iPad to provide local information like Restaurant Guides, Maps for around town, etc. How many times are there people waiting at the front desk to ask a simple question about directions, but all of your associates are busy checking-in other guests? Those who are waiting can get frustrated, which takes away from their experience at your hotel. Now picture an iPad Kiosk setup by your front desk and pre-loaded with a map of the area. The guest can now find directions on his own.
  • Use iPads to explain everything a guest needs to know about her room. Instead of reading a card or calling down to the front desk to ask a question about how to turn on the TV, what if you created a YouTube video that explained everything about guest rooms in your hotel. In each of your hotel rooms, or maybe just on every floor to start with, there is an iPad Kiosk setup with that YouTube video open. Now a guest can watch a 3 minute video and learn everything she needs to know about your hotel and her room.
  • Does your restaurant and bar get so crowded at times that guests are waiting too long to find their waitress to place an order? Now a lot of restaurants are using iPad as a menu so that guests can place (and pay for) their order right through an iPad on their table. This can save time, improve accuracy in getting the right meal/drinks that were ordered, and lead to a happy hotel guest who no longer has to wait to order a drink after a long day of meetings.

The above list are just a few of the many ways in which you can use iPads in your hotel to enhance the guest experience. We will be writing more on this subject over the coming months, but hopefully this article gets your creative juices flowing. If you have more questions about how to use iPads at your hotel, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. If you want to purchase iPad Kiosks for your hotel, please check out our extensive inventory.

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