Dentist Offices Turn To iPads To Engage Patients

Use iPad in Dentist OfficeBesides getting cavities filled, what is the main complaint commonly heard about dentist offices?  The wait!  In the past, patients have typically spent their time reading worn out magazines found in the waiting room.  The more progressive offices installed TV’s to improve the waiting experience.  However today, we are seeing dentists and doctors alike take their waiting rooms to the next level by installing iPads for patient use.

With the prices of iPads continuing to fall and a less expensive iPad Mini on the horizon, placing a few iPads around a waiting room has now become a realistic option.  There are a number of iPad kiosks and iPad business stands available on the market today that are ideal for the waiting room setting.  Also, customized kiosk face plates can be made to match your branding.  Below we explore the ways dentist offices use iPads currently.

Internet Browsing

Browsing the internet is one of the easiest ways to pass the time away (you will probably spend a few minutes just reading this article).  Today there are a number of “kiosk apps” on the market that allow business owners to turn their tablet into an internet browsing kiosk.  These apps can be configured to limit users to certain webpages and restrict inappropriate websites.

iPad App to collect email addresses

OnSpot Social iPad App

Social Media & Email Address Collection

In order to stay in touch with their patients through social media channels and email newsletters, dentists often encourage patients to connect with them online.  OnSpot Social is an iPad app to collect email addresses as well as an iPad app to get Facebook Likes.  The app provides an easy, convenient way for patients to follow a dental practice’s Facebook Page or subscribe to their email list right on the office’s iPad.

Digital Magazines

A common scene in most dental offices is a stack of wrinkled, worn magazines.  Remove the clutter and provide patients with more reading choices than ever before.  There are numerous magazine apps that allow users to view their favorite magazines right on the iPad.  With page turning features that give the iPad a paper magazine feel, most users find themselves at home reading magazines on an iPad.

Gaming Centers

Children especially are known for their dislike of visiting the dentist.  An easy way to change their attitude is by giving them iPads preloaded with games to play while waiting around.  The best part about iPad games is that they cost next to nothing.  Angry Birds for instance can be purchased for $1.99.  Also, there are apps available that contain hundreds of mini games within them.  How can you go wrong?


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