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Use iPad in Dentist Office

Dentist Offices Turn To iPads To Engage Patients

Besides getting cavities filled, what is the main complaint commonly heard about dentist offices?  The wait!  In the past, patients have typically spent their time reading worn out magazines found in the waiting room.  The more progressive offices installed TV’s to improve the waiting experience.  However today, we are seeing dentists and doctors alike take […]

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iPad Stand For Business

iPad Stands For Your Business: Options Available

Businesses are beginning to buy iPads by the truckload in order to equip their employees and digitize their store fronts with the latest technology.  Many business owners rush to purchase these devices without giving much thought as to how they will be displayed or protected.  Below, we will explore the various types of business iPad […]

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iPad Stand for Desk

Finding The Perfect iPad Stand For Your Desk

You just bought an iPad for your office but realize you need some method to display it or angle it for better viewing.  Apple, as well as a number of third parties, sell iPad stands made for this purpose.  The issue though is many of these are suited for informal consumer use, and do not […]

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iPad Office Case

iPad Stands For Your Office: A Flexible Solution

Given the flexibility, functionality, and affordability of the iPad, it only makes sense this device would make its way into the business world.  After infiltrating households around the globe, the iPad can now be found in the offices of both senior level execs and lower level admins.  In the past, Apple products have historically been […]

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