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Conference Logo

iPad Stands For Conferences

iPads are quickly becoming a powerful tool for conference goers.  There was once a time when conference organizers would spend months beforehand creating binders and organizers for each attendee.  Besides the time commitment, efforts had to be made to distribute the material to everyone attending. With the entrance of the tablet, the need for printed […]

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Digital Sign App

Transforming The iPad Into A Digital Sign For Your Business

If you’re a business owner and have looked into digital signage for your storefront, you probably know it’s not cheap!  Between hardware, installation, software, and graphic design costs a single setup can cost thousands of dollars.  Additionally, if you wish to update the content of the sign, further costs may be incurred.  Many business owners […]

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Protect iPad

Supplement Your Kiosk With iPad Insurance

After dropping anywhere from $350 to $800 on a new iPad, many wonder what they can do to protect their investment.  Business owners especially may worry about the fate of their iPad.  In the business environment, iPads are especially susceptible to heavy usage, being dropped, theft, and coffee spills.  Today, a number of options exists […]

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NFC Device

NFC Enabled iPads: Coming Soon To A Store Near You?

Near Field Communication, commonly referred to as NFC, is a newer technology that has the potential to drastically change the way information is exchanged.  We’re not just talking about using a cell phone as an electronic wallet, but in general the possibility of any device constantly interacting and communicating with it’s immediate surroundings. How NFC […]

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iPad Coffee Shop

How To Optimize Your Business’s In-Store iPad Kiosk

Recently, we visited a local gardening shop where we stumbled upon an iPad that was setup by the business to educate customers on gardening techniques.  The business’s App looked great and was quite easy to navigate.  However, the iPad was secured in a plain, unattractive kiosk that was tucked away in the back corner of […]

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