iPad Stands For Your Store – Options Available In Today’s Market

Custom iPad KioskiPad Stands made specifically for stores, also known as iPad Kiosks and iPad Enclosures, have come a far way since they became available for sale soon after the iPad hit the market.  What started out as simple metal cases that bolted to a store counter top now come in all shapes, colors, and styles.  Whether you’re looking to display an iPad in a high-end designer store or the corner deli, there is most likely the perfect iPad stand already available on the market today.  Below we will explore the different options available today.

Metal iPad Stands

The most commonly found and typically the most durable iPad store stands found on the market today are crafted from steel or aluminum.  These protective enclosures are bolted to counter tops or mounted to floors and provide maximum protection.   Producers offer consumers a variety of colors and finishes to best match the environment they will be placed in.  For example, a bedding store may opt for a stand with a glossy white finish while a pizza shop may choose a black iPad stand with a matte finish to hide greasy fingerprints left behind.

Customizable iPad Stands

Customized iPad EnclosureIf you want to really incorporate your iPad stand into your store, you have the ability to have a fully customized iPad kiosk made to your likings.  Basic models allow for a customized Faceplate, while others also enable you to design the entire kiosk including the sides.  Choose between using your in-house graphic designer to create the design or allowing the kiosk manufacturer to execute the design work.  A fantastic way to give your iPad store stand the “wow” factor.

Acrylic iPad Stands

Acrylic iPad enclosures are ideal if you are looking to give your setup the high tech, trendy feel.  Although they may not be as durable as a thick steel ipad case, they usually are enough to safely house an iPad in a public location.  Apple even uses acrylic cases in their stores.  The main selling point of this type of stand is that they come in transparent versions that help display the beauty of the iPad itself.

Adjustable iPad Stands

A common issue business owners run into when displaying iPads at their stores is the viewing angle.  In order to provide the best user experience, the iPad must be positioned so that it can easily be viewed as well as interacted with.  To accommodate different mounting scenarios (ex. counter top versus wall), some manufactures offer flexible iPad stands that can be rotated and angled in many ways.  It’s advised to determine the location of where your iPad will be mounted in your store before purchasing a stand.

Wooden iPad Stands

Wood iPad EnclosureAn iPad in a wooden case may seem like an oxymoron to some, but we assure you it looks good!  As long as your store has the classic wood finished feel to it, why not keep the theme going with your iPad enclosure?  To date, the best places we have found to use a wood enclosure would be in an establishment such as an outdoors store, hotel, conference center, or upscale restaurant.

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