iPad Stands For Your Office: A Flexible Solution

Given the flexibility, functionality, and affordability of the iPad, it only makes sense this device would make its way into the business world.  After infiltrating households around the globe, the iPad can now be found in the offices of both senior level execs and lower level admins.  In the past, Apple products have historically been excluded from the corporate environment, but alas it appears the tides have turned.  What many businesses often forget when purchasing iPads for their offices is how employees will protect, transport, and most importantly display the iPad.  They will need to next look into business iPad stands for their offices.

Unlike at home, iPads will be used in the office for group presentations, data entry, and a variety of other tasks.  Most consumers at home place their iPad into a case/sleeve that can be opened and turned into a makeshift stand.  The issue with the traditional iPad case for the business environment is the limited viewing angle options and overall flexibility.  Additionally, many iPad stands for offices on the market today have limited viewing angle options and are not easy to transport for conferences and meetings.

A solution that provides complete flexibility and ease of transportation is the Versacase.  This iPad case is designed specifically for the office environment and is unlike anything else on the market we’ve seen.  Below are the various attributes of the Versacase and available mounting options.  You are able to purchase the case and then multiple attachments for displaying the iPad which can be quickly interchanged.

iPad Versacase Case & Cover: At the heart of the Versacase system is the actual iPad case and cover.  It is both attractive and durable at the same time.  Unlike many other iPad business stands, this one allows you to quickly pull the iPad off of the stand while it’s still enclosed in a protective case.  This would allow employees to easily transport the iPad for presentations or take it home at night.  A circular fitting in the back allows this quick release feature.

  • A rubberized polycarbonate case provides protection and a comfortable non-slip grip
  • A quick release features enables the user to interchange the case with a number of stands/mounts
  • iPad case allows access to all of the buttons, ports, and cameras

iPad Office Case

Desk / Presentation Stand Option: If either in the office, or in a conference giving a presentation, the Desk Stand can be instantly attached to the back of the Versacase.  Weighing just over a pound and with the ability to fold up and take with you, this iPad stand is stable and also offers flexible displaying angles.

  • Stable iPad stand perfect for presentations or viewing in office
  • Displays iPad at optimal viewing angles with 360 degrees of rotation
  • First foldable and removable stand that folds to just over 1” thick – easy to transport

iPad Business Stand

Foldable iPad Stand
Folds to just over 1″ thick for great portability

Kickstand / Handle Option: Ideal for small presentations or if you are planning on carrying the iPad around the office, the kickstand/handle option is the most portable out there.

  • 360 degrees of viewing rotation
  • Folds to only ½” thick
  • Anti-slip rubber footing
  • Ultra-portable for students and professionals in the field

iPad Kickstand

Mobile iPad Business Stand

Computer Monitor & iPad Mounting Arm Option: After getting back into the office following travel, use the Computer Monitor & iPad Mounting Arm to move your iPad to eye level.  This option allows you to display your iPad right next to your computer monitor, putting all of your display screens in one centralized place.

  •  Full range of motion in numerous directions
  •  Mount can accommodate 17” to 24” monitors
  •  Conserves desk space
  •  Elevates iPad for comfortable viewing while in your office

iPad Workstation Stand

iPad Workstation Stand

Surface Mount Option: This sleek iPad mount/stand works with the Versacase and provides maximum stability for your iPad.  Use this option for areas where an iPad will permanently need to be located.  This mount has no limitations as it can be mounted to walls, counters, and ceilings alike.

  • Flexible arm allows a wide range of viewing angles
  • Foldable to within 1″ of mounting surface when not in use
  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • OEM opportunities to install to both mobile and fixed surfaces

iPad Business Surface Stand

iPad Wall Business Stand

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