iPad Stands For Conferences

Conference LogoiPads are quickly becoming a powerful tool for conference goers.  There was once a time when conference organizers would spend months beforehand creating binders and organizers for each attendee.  Besides the time commitment, efforts had to be made to distribute the material to everyone attending.

With the entrance of the tablet, the need for printed material diminished.  Thousands of dollars worth of paper and ink could be substituted for iPads.  Instead of having to manually handout a packet to every attendee, they could be given instructions to download an app and retrieve all of the information electronically.  From an attendee’s standpoint, they no longer need to haul around bulky binders.  Also, information may be easier to locate and stays more organized when stored electronically within an app as opposed to in a binder or folder.

iPad Stands For Conferences

iPad Stand for conferenceStands & Cases For Attendees – Many conferences these days are supplying attendees with iPads or recommending they bring their own.  Attendees would then download a customized conference app where they would access all relevant information.  In order to protect the tablets, an iPad Stand / iPad Case would be used.  The iPad Versacase & Cover is a great option for conference attendees as it is known for both portability and durability.  Also, with a black rubberized backing, the Versacase has a professional look and feel.


Secured iPad StandSetup iPad Kiosks Around A Conference – Additionally, conference organizers may opt to setup iPad kiosks around the event.  In this situation, attendees would visit iPad kiosks setup in different areas and access information relating to the event.  Kiosks may display interactive training apps, educational videos, and other conference material.  Ideally, a secured kiosk, such as the Evolve Enclosure would be used in order to protect the iPad from damage.  A secured iPad kiosk may be bolted to a surface to prevent the unit from getting knocked over or stolen.

iPad Apps For Conferences

If you are looking for an iPad app for conferences , there are a number available on the market today.  OnSpot Social is an iPad app specifically designed to collect contact information, email addresses, and Facebook Likes from all conference attendees.  Alternatively, there are iPad apps that sync to Google Calendar and display conference meeting times.  If you are planning on providing each attendee with their own iPad for the event, a robust meeting or interactive presentation app may be suitable.  Contact us for more information on various iPad conference apps currently available on the market.

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