iPad Stands For Your Business: Options Available

Businesses are beginning to buy iPads by the truckload in order to equip their employees and digitize their store fronts with the latest technology.  Many business owners rush to purchase these devices without giving much thought as to how they will be displayed or protected.  Below, we will explore the various types of business iPad stands available today.

iPad Stands for Internal Business Use

iPad Stand For BusinessMany business owners purchase the standard iPad cover/case that consumers typically use.  These cases may be cloth or rubber and have a foldable screen cover that acts as a makeshift stand.  Within a more formal office environment, these look out of place and are also not too functional.

The iPad Versacase & Cover is an excellent alternative that provides durability, flexibility, and a professional look.  The interesting aspect of this iPad business stand is that the case has an interface which allows for various interlocking stands.  This allows employees to display the iPad stand in their office for personal use, bring it to the conference room for presentations, and then use it out in the field with clients and customers.  For more information on the iPad Versacase system and different display options, see iPad Stands For Your Office.

iPad Stands for Public Use

Steel iPad KioskPlacing an iPad in a store or public area to be used by consumers is a whole different ball game when it comes to picking a stand.  Security and protection are typically major factors to consider.  iPad stands used in a public space are often bolted to a secured surface and constructed of steel.

There are a number of attractive iPad kiosks on the market today that get the job done.  The Full Metal Jacket enclosure (pictured) is specifically built tough and provides serious security.

iPad Stands for Home Office

iPad Stand for houseLooking to simply use the iPad in a home office where flexibility and portability are not concerns?  There are a number of basic stands available that provide a fixed display option.  Although not as versatile as the Versacase system, they effectively prop up the iPad to fixed a viewing angle.

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