Finding The Perfect iPad Stand For Your Desk

iPad Stand for DeskYou just bought an iPad for your office but realize you need some method to display it or angle it for better viewing.  Apple, as well as a number of third parties, sell iPad stands made for this purpose.  The issue though is many of these are suited for informal consumer use, and do not look right in the office environment.  Another issue is that most are not adjustable and can only be used at one viewing angle.  For a business owner looking to take their iPad out into the field, use it for word processing in the office, and display it for presentations in a conference room, a flexible stand will be needed.

We searched across many suppliers and manufactures and at last found the Versacase.  This iPad stand for businesses excels in both form and function.  With a rubberized polycarbonate case, it looks well in almost any office setting.  Additionally, the rubberized case provides durability in the case of falls.  The main feature of this stand that we love is that the case has a connection interface built into it that allows users to attach a number of different stands and mounts.

Currently, there are 4 different types of stands that mount into the back of the Versacase iPad cover.  A kick stand allows for easy portability and quick setup when out in the field.  The iPad desk stand is designed specifically for your office and can be angled and rotated to give you the perfect viewing angle.  Looking to conserve desk space?  Use the Computer Monitor & iPad Mounting Arm to eliminate the need for your iPad to physically rest on your desk.  All of these attachments can be purchased separately and can be instantly interchanged with the Versacase.

As tablets move into the business world at an unprecedented rate, companies and self employed alike are scrambling to find a professional solution to display and protect the iPad.  We believe the Versacase is it.  How is your company currently protecting and using iPads around the office?  Have you seen any other solutions that are comparable or superior to the Versacase?  We would love to hear, please leave comments below.

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