Buying An iPad Stand For Your Business

iPad StandOk, so you’ve thought things through and have decided putting an iPad in your business makes sense.  Whether you’ll be using an iPad as a point-of-sale (POS) device, web browsing terminal, social media & email address collection device, or digital sign – one thing is certain, you will need an iPad stand (also commonly referred to as an iPad Kiosk and iPad Enclosure).

Today, a variety of iPad stands exist on the market.  One can find store iPad stands, restaurant iPad stands, POS iPad stands, floor mounted iPad stands, and the list goes on.  Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, there are a few common considerations that should be looked into before making a purchase.  Many of these are overlooked, and businesses don’t realize they have a problem on their hands until after they have made a purchase and set-up their iPad Stand.  Below are the main factors that need to be evaluated:

SecurityAlthough less expensive as they once were, iPads aren’t cheap.  You will want to take any measures possible to protect your investment.  Determine the type of environment your iPad will be displayed in, and then go from there.  For any setting where the iPad is not close to an employee at all times, we recommend an enclosure constructed of steel.   Permanent stands should be bolted onto a solid surface.  For portable stands, consider using a security cable constructed of multi-stranded steel that is resistant to bolt cutters.

Viewing AngleThis consideration doesn’t cross most business owners’ minds when buying their first iPad stand.  If mounting an iPad stand or iPad kiosk to a counter or table, look at it’s height.  Will the iPad users be looking straight down at the iPad or will it be in front of them.  We recommend buying an iPad stand with a flexible mounting option such as the Figure 8 Mount to address this issue.

Ease of Set-upMost iPad stands come in multiple pieces that need to be assembled.  Once assembled, the unit may need to be permanently installed.  Check to make sure that the manufacture provides written and/or video instructions.

Access to Power ButtonLike saving power and giving your electronics a rest once in a while?  If you plan on turning your iPad off every night or even just occasionally, you will want easy access to the power button.  Certain enclosures allow access to the iPad power button without having to open the enclosure.  Others provide simple locking devices that enable you to quickly open the enclosure to access the power button.

MaintenanceMost iPad stands claim to be maintenance free.  This is usually true, except when it comes to finger prints. Keep in mind that if you buy an iPad enclosure with a shiny or glossy finish, you may need to regularly clean the unit.

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