iPad Marketing at Doctor’s Offices

iPads are infiltrating all industries. Businesses are starting to use iPads as a customer engagement tool, not just as a productivity tool. One of the biggest industries that is beginning to embrace iPad as a marketing tool is the healthcare industry. The Healthcare Industry is using iPads to interact with patients in various ways and the initial results look promising.

Doctors Using iPads with Patients

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More and more doctors are starting to use iPads when treating their patients. Whether it’s simply keeping a patient’s electronic medical records or even using iPads to assist with surgery, doctors are finding that iPad can bring a lot of value to the physician-patient experience. During a procedure at Kobe University hospital a Japanese doctor actually used an iPad to zoom in and out of medical images. He also used it to play a video during the procedure. As time goes by, and the success stories continue to pour in from early adopters, even more doctors are likely to begin using iPads with patients.

Doctors Recommending iPad Apps for Patients

Not only are doctors using iPads when treating patients, but they are also recommending that patients themselves start using iPads to help with various disease treatment. The most widely recognized iPad use with patients is in the treatment of Autism. Doctors have started to realize that iPads can play a role in the treatment of Autism, especially in regards to allowing Autistic children to better communicate their needs.

Doctors Offices Display iPad Kiosks in the Waiting Area

Doctors are beginning to realize the immense potential that iPad can offer their patients and their practice. We are starting to see many tech savvy physician practices setting up iPad Kiosks in their waiting room to engage patients while they wait. With millions of apps on the market today, doctors are using everything from iPad games to marketing apps like OnSpot Social to convert patients into social media connections. Physicians are seeing a connection between using iPads to engage patients and an increased satisfaction level of patients at their practice. We are still at the very early stages of this new trend, but we think it’s going to explode over the next few years as more physicians start to recognize the potential that iPad brings as a marketing tool.

Setup an iPad Kiosk In a Doctor’s Office

If you’re interested in setting up an iPad Kiosk at your office we would be happy to help answer any questions that you may have. We offer a wide range of different iPad Enclosures that can work in your waiting room or even in your treatment room. We also have relationships with several iPad application companies and we can offer advice on which apps might work best at your practice. Leave a comment below or fill out our contact form and someone will get back with you immediately.

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