iPad Kiosks, iPad Enclosures, and iPad Cases… Ohhh My!

As it is with all new technologies that hit the market as business tools it takes time for business owners to overcome their fear of learning something new before they will begin to embrace the new technology and realize just how valuable it can be for their business. The In-Store iPad Revolution that we see coming is still in its infancy, which means terms like iPad Kiosks, iPad Enclosures, and iPad Cases are very scary to the uneducated. That said, it is our goal that through this blog that you will become better educated about using iPads for business and thus be less scared when you hear these terms. We will define each of these terms and explain to you how you can use iPads at your business to increase sales and customer engagement.

protect ipadiPad Cases

iPad Cases are your most basic form of iPad protection. It’s simply a case that protects your iPad from being damaged. They come in many different varieties. If your strategy is to put iPads in the hands of your employees and have your employees use the iPads with customers then an iPad Case is probably all that you need. The reason being is that iPad Cases really are not secure. You don’t want to use an iPad Case and then let your customers use the iPads unattended. If you want to let customers use iPads in your store unattended than we would recommend something more secure like an iPad Enclosure.

iPad Enclosures

iPad Enclosures are different from iPad Cases in that iPad Enclosures are much more secure. They usually come with a lock and possibly even have accessories like an iPad Security Cable that you can use to prevent theft. So if iPad Cases protect your iPad against damage, iPad Enclosures do the same plus they protect your iPad against theft. iPad Enclosures are meant to be used by businesses or individuals who want to allow others to use the iPad at their convenience without any supervision. You can simply put your iPad into an iPad Enclosure, connect your iPad Security Cable to something that’s bolted down in your store, and leave it for your customers to use.

iPad Kiosks

ipad standiPad Kiosks are made up of the following components, but not limited to:

  • an iPad secured by an iPad Enclosure
  • an iPad Security cable
  • an iPad stand or some piece of furniture that you use to display the iPad at the appropriate height for your customers to interact with

Just like any other sort of kiosk, an iPad Kiosk is the combination of all of your iPad products setup in an area of your store where customers can engage with the iPad. You may have your iPad in a secure iPad Enclosure which is attached to an iPad Stand with a sign next to it explaining to your customers what how to engage with the iPad. This is your “iPad Kiosk”. It’s an iPad Station in your store so that customers can interact with the iPad without any supervision and also without the ability to steal or break your iPad.

As you can see from reading this article, iPad Kiosk, iPad Enclosures, and iPad Cases really aren’t as scary as they sound. It’s just a matter of understanding what it is they do and what business owners are using them for. Once you know that then you can start to imagine how you might be able to use an iPad in your store. If you have any questions about any of these iPad products please feel free to contact us. We sell iPad Kiosks, iPad Enclosures, and iPad Cases right here on our website. Be sure to check them out if you want to revamp the retail experience for your customers.

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