Complete iPad Kiosk Packages


Full Metal Jacket iPad Kiosk

Metal iPad Enclosure

Available in both glossy white and silver finishes, the Full Metal Jacket iPad Kiosk is constructed of 18 gauge steel.  A 7 pin key lock allows secured, yet convenient access to the iPad for business owners.  Designed to mount to a number of iPad stands, this enclosure is quite versatile.  For wall, table, or counter top mounting we recommend the Figure 8 iPad Mount.  Looking for a portable kiosk that doesn’t need to be bolted onto a  surface?  The Kick Stand and security cable package enables the owner to change the kiosks location as frequently as they’d like without compromising security.

Suggested Use: A well-rounded kiosk that offers excellent security and an attractive display.  Use in most environments, from a permanent public location to small office setting or trade show.

$184 = Full Metal Jacket Enclosure



Flexible iPad MountWith Figure 8 Mount

$269 = Full Metal Jacket Enclosure + Figure 8 Mount





iPad StandWith Kick Stand & Security Cable

$223 = Full Metal Jacket Enclosure + Kick Stand + Security Cable




Evolve iPad Kiosk

Black iPad Enclosure

Constructed of polycarbonate and metal, the Evolve Kiosk compliments the iPad nicely.  With a glossy finish and rounded edges, this iPad enclosure portrays a modern, stylish feel.  Pick and choose which iPad ports/buttons you would like access to by adding or removing custom inserts which are included with the ki0sk.  Also, available upon request are customized face plates that allow the set-up to reflect your brand.

Suggested Use: A stylish kiosk that is ideal for most environments.  Compatible with table, wall, floor, and portable mounts.  Make your kiosk stand out by pairing the Evolve kiosk with the Gravity iPad Stand.

$164 = Evolve Enclosure




iPad Stand for StoreWith Gravity Stand

$259 = Evolve Enclosure + Gravity Stand








Black iPad Stand

Figure 8 Mount with Black Full Metal Jacket enclosure pictured

With Figure 8 Mount

$249 = Evolve Enclosure + Figure 8 Mount






iPad Stand

Kick Stand with Full Metal Jacket enclosure pictured

With Kick Stand & Security Cable

$215 = Evolve Enclosure + Kick Stand + Security Cable





Lucite Acrylic iPad Kiosk


Clear iPad StandMake a statement by displaying your iPad in a Lucite Acrylic Kiosk.  With transparent backing/sides, stainless steel hardware, and a complimenting white or black faceplate, this line of clear iPad stands gives your set-up an “Apple” feel.  The faceplate and stand can also be completely customized for your brand.

Suggested Use: Fits well in most environments, specifically restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and clubs.  These clear iPad kiosks portray the classic clean Apple look.

$240 = Lucite Acrylic Table Enclosure






Clear iPad CaseEnclosure Only – Mount Anywhere

$205 = Lucite Acrylic Vesa Enclosure