How To Optimize Your Business’s In-Store iPad Kiosk

iPad Coffee ShopRecently, we visited a local gardening shop where we stumbled upon an iPad that was setup by the business to educate customers on gardening techniques.  The business’s App looked great and was quite easy to navigate.  However, the iPad was secured in a plain, unattractive kiosk that was tucked away in the back corner of the store.  As I stepped back to observe the effectiveness of the setup, I noticed that most customers never even saw the iPad kiosk due to it’s location.  Of those that walked by it, most paid no attention.  This scenario emphasizes the fact that purchasing an iPad & App for your business is only the first step towards creating an effective in-store marketing campaign.  Below are some tips to best optimize your business’s in-store iPad kiosk:

Location:  Location, location, location!  We have come across many businesses that are shy about placing an iPad front and center in their store.  Most worry about taking up precious counter space by the checkout.  Others feel their setup will draw enough attention as long as it’s somewhat visible to consumers entering the store or shopping.   As the iPad screen size is less than 10 inches on the diagonal, you really need to place the iPad kiosk in a high traffic area where consumers will be in close vicinity to the iPad.  This may mean purchasing a floor mounted iPad stand and setting it up right in front of the store’s entrance.  Even better is placing the iPad in an area where people wait around.  We have found placing  portable or mounted counter top iPad kiosks at checkout, customer service, and reception counters to be the most effective.

Kiosk/Enclosure:  Almost as important as location is choosing a kiosk/enclosure that will draw attention to your iPad.  In today’s market, kiosks come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes.  Pick one that will compliment your store’s atmosphere the best.  Also, consider the colors of your business’s App when choosing your kiosk color.  For example, Apps with dark backgrounds will stand out better when paired with a white iPad Kiosk.

App:  For store usage, it’s wise to run Apps that have larger text with attractive photos/graphics as well as animations.  These catch people’s attention more and encourage interaction.  Consider a digital billboard App if you haven’t developed your own in-house business App.

Lighting:  Stay away from direct sunlight and other bright lights!  Have you ever tried to work on a laptop outside?  Same concept with an iPad, it’s almost impossible to read the screen.  Also, certain types of indoor lighting can produce glares that take away from the user experience.

Angle:  Will customers be standing or sitting when using your in-store iPad?  How high is your counter top?  It’s important to factor these aspects in before purchasing a kiosk.  Consider kiosks with flexible mounting options to ensure the iPad can be displayed at the best angle for viewing.

Signage:  You just made a serious investment in iPad hardware and software.  Let consumers know it’s available by placing posters or signs in relevant areas throughout your store.


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