Putting iPad Kiosks On College Campuses

Higher education has always been known to be an early adopter of technology. Anytime a new technology emerges colleges and universities are evaluating it to determine if there’s a way to leverage it for improving the college experience. From connecting students to each other and to school faculty through wireless internet to ID cards used to access college buildings and pay for meals, college students are always getting access to new technologies during their time at school.

ipad kiosk college universityA recent trend powering it’s way through Colleges and Universities around the world has been the use of iPads by students. Many colleges and universities are even going as far as issuing all students an iPad. iPad has truly changed the way students access educational resources, interact with their professors, complete their coursework. As colleges and universities have become more comfortable with this new technology they are now finding more and more uses for it. We are now seeing colleges and universities around the world begin to set up iPad Kiosks around campus.

Using iPad Kiosks to Engage Prospective Students

Colleges and Universities are ALWAYS trying to encourage high school students to enroll into their college program. It’s a never-ending cycle. One college class graduates and the next class comes in. When prospective students and their families come to visit a college, campus college officials pull out all of the stops. They want to show these students just how great their experience will be. What happens after the visit concludes? Most of the time it centers around direct mailers sent to students by the college. As we move further into this Digital Age we all know that direct mailers don’t cut it. What if there was a way to convert high school students into online connections so that colleges could communicate to them after their on-campus visit?

Colleges should set up iPad Kiosks around campus so that prospective students and their families can interact with college-related content during their on-campus visit. Not only that, but by using iPad apps like OnSpot Social, colleges and universities can convert prospective students into online connections. OnSpot Social allows businesses to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Email Subscribers through an iPad. Colleges can use tools like OnSpot Social to convert prospective students into Facebook Likes so that they can then continue marketing to those students while they are making their decision. How cool would it be if you visited a college, connected with them on Facebook, and could then get questions answered or talk to other prospective students while on the college’s Facebook page?

Display College Information on iPad Kiosks Around Campus

Does your university create YouTube videos full of student stories, college sports events, professor interviews, etc.? If so, why not set up iPad Kiosks around your university, open the YouTube iPad app, navigate to your college’s YouTube Channel and let prospective students and their families watch YouTube videos on iPad Kiosks while they are visiting your university. This way students and their families can interact with your video content at their leisure while taking the tour of your facility. Simple things like this show prospective students and their families that your university is on the cutting edge. It could be the difference between a high school senior choosing to attend your school versus your competitors’.

Set Up iPad Kiosks At College Campuses

Setting up iPad Kiosks at colleges and universities would actually be quite easy. Here are the main things to consider before putting iPad Kiosks at your college:

  • What tablet will you use (iPad?)
  • What are your goals for using iPad Kiosks at your college?
  • What iPad apps are out there for you to use?
  • How many iPad Kiosks do you want to set up and where should they be located?
  • Who will be in charge of managing the initiative?
  • Where can you buy your iPad Kiosks?

Once you’ve answered the questions above you will be in great shape for implementing iPad Kiosks at your university. If you are interested in setting up iPad Kiosks around campus, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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