Supplement Your Kiosk With iPad Insurance

Protect iPadAfter dropping anywhere from $350 to $800 on a new iPad, many wonder what they can do to protect their investment.  Business owners especially may worry about the fate of their iPad.  In the business environment, iPads are especially susceptible to heavy usage, being dropped, theft, and coffee spills.  Today, a number of options exists to give you a peace of mind with your new purchase.

The first line of defense against drops and theft is a secured ipad enclosure.  A quality enclosure allows you, as a business owner, to leave an iPad unattended at your place of business without needing to worry about theft.  Although steel enclosures may provide the most protection, there are a variety of acrylic and plastic enclosures that also get the job done.

iPad InsuranceAn enclosure will do much to prevent theft, but depending on the environment, iPad insurance may be advised.  Regardless of the enclosure, an iPad is still vulnerable to broken screens, heat damage, spill damage, and hardware failure.  Starting at under $3 per month, certain iPad insurance plans will protect your device against ANY event that may happen.  From vandalism, to earth quakes, fires, floods, theft, hardware failures, drops, and spills; you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your investment is safe.  Companies such as the Worth Ave Group offer inclusive insurance plans that give you the same coverage as Apple’s plans – and more.  Currently, Apple does not insure against certain events such as theft.

Again, it really comes down to the environment and location where you iPad will be used whether insurance makes sense for your company.  We are reminded of the old saying “Better safe than sorry.”  If you have purchased a 3G or more expensive version of the iPad, buying an insurance policy may be advised.  If you went with a refurbished base model that will be permanently staying in your personal office, probably not.

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