Transforming The iPad Into A Digital Sign For Your Business

Digital Sign AppIf you’re a business owner and have looked into digital signage for your storefront, you probably know it’s not cheap!  Between hardware, installation, software, and graphic design costs a single setup can cost thousands of dollars.  Additionally, if you wish to update the content of the sign, further costs may be incurred.  Many business owners weigh the benefits vs. the costs of digital signage and decide it’s just not worth it.

With the mass production of the Apple iPad, it is now feasible for more businesses to deploy digital signage throughout their stores.  Below are the major advantages of using iPads as digital signs.

Low Hardware Costs

Since their original debut, the cost of iPads has plummeted.  The lower upfront costs makes the tablet affordable to businesses with even small budgets.  Obviously the screen size of the iPad isn’t as large as some of the other digital displays out there.  However we have seen business owners take advantage of the lower cost iPads and purchase multiple units to place around different areas of their business.  Instead of one large, expensive digital display, some business owners are setting up multiple smaller displays.  When using less expensive devices, the risk of financial loss from theft or damage may also decrease.

Wide Variety Of Affordable Kiosks / Displays

The iPad has been around for long enough that many third party manufactures now offer iPad kiosks in all styles, sizes, and finishes.  Whether you are looking for an acrylic table mounted iPad Stand or steel floor mounted stand, you will be able to find one that fits nicely into your business setting.  Again, due to the number of kiosks available on the market today, the costs are relatively low.

Inexpensive / Easy To Use Digital Sign Apps

The Apple App Store is famous for offering quality software at rock bottom prices.  At one time, installing a digital display in a business also meant paying  for customized design work and software configuration.  Today, digital sign apps for the iPad enable the user to quickly configure the app on their own from the tablet itself.  This allows business owners the option to change the signage & messaging as often as they’d like without the need for a third party to get involved.

Touch screen tabletTouch Screen / Ability To Interact

Another major difference between the classic digital sign vs. the iPad is that one can also interact with the iPad.  The iPad’s high definition screen puts its visuals on par with the best of the standard digital signs out there today.  However, the iPad takes it a step further with its touch screen capabilities.  Customers can now become completely engaged with the device and use it to find more information and communicate with your business.

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