Adoption of In-Store iPad Kiosks by Shoppers

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Tablets like iPad have only been around for a few years now. In that short time iPad has not only become a shiny new tool for consumers, but it has also become a tremendous tool for the business community. Schools and Universities are using them with students. Doctors are using iPads with patients. And now businesses are using them with shoppers. Businesses started using iPads as productivity tools, but recently a new trend has emerged. Businesses are using iPads in-store as customer engagement tools. The trend is at the beginning of the early adopter phase at this point, but it’s going to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years.

Being that using iPads in-store to engage customers is still a new idea to the majority of companies, most consumers still haven’t been exposed to using an iPad in their favorite store. As the trend develops and more businesses start setting up iPad Kiosks in their stores to engage shoppers, consumers will get more comfortable interacting on iPads in stores. All new marketing techniques take some time to grow with consumers. iPad Marketing is no different. In this article we will discuss the adoption cycle of in-store iPad Kiosks by shoppers.

Businesses Need an iPad Marketing Strategy

This trend is so new that the businesses who are using iPads in-store to engage customers are still testing their approach and figuring out what works best for their business. Many businesses are building their own iPad In-Store Marketing apps to run at their iPad Kiosks. We are also seeing the release of more third-party In-Store Marketing apps designed to be used by businesses as in-store customer engagement tools. Before we can expect a majority of consumers to adopt using iPads in-store the businesses using iPads in-store must first test this new form of marketing, we call it In-Store iPad Marketing or Tablet Marketing, and develop some proven iPad Marketing Strategies to use with customers in-store. This process is already occurring.

Judging by how fast iPads have infiltrated and revolutionized other industries, we expect In-Store iPad Marketing to really speed up over the next 18 – 24 months. iPad Marketing as a proven marketing strategy for business is where Social Media Marketing was 2 years ago. While more businesses begin using iPads in-store to engage customers, consumers will get exposed to this new marketing tactic. Adoption by consumers will begin to speed up as well.

In-Store iPad Marketing Adoption by Consumers

As we highlighted above, adoption of in-store marketing tactics by consumers will grow as businesses set up iPad Kiosks in their stores and start figuring out the best strategies for using iPads to engage shoppers. Just like with any new consumer trend, consumers need to be exposed to this new way that businesses are delivering their marketing message and innovating on their in-store experience. The more tech savvy consumers are taking to this new in-store marketing trend faster than less tech savvy consumers. When it comes to technology, usually it means younger people being the early adopters, while older less tech savvy consumers take a little longer to start engaging. This is true when it comes to adoption of the new in-store marketing with iPad trend. As the less tech savvy consumers start seeing the value being provided by businesses through iPad Kiosks in-store, they too will jump on board.

Repetition, Engagement, and Time

What it’s going to take for this new In-Store iPad Marketing trend to take hold is repetition, engagement, and time from businesses. Let’s face it, setting up an iPad Kiosk in your store is an investment. It’s not nearly as much of a financial investment as it was putting any type of computer-related kiosk in your store a few years ago, but it’s still a few hundred dollars. Business owners who commit to this new In-Store Marketing strategy must commit for at least 6 months, and more like a year. During that time businesses must try different ways of leveraging the iPad to engage shoppers. They must then repeat the tactics that work best in order to refine them and get customers used to interacting with the iPad while in your store. Repeatable customer engagement activities all facilitated through the iPad over a period of 6 months or more will help YOUR customers adopt the new Marketing strategy quickly.

It’s All About Customer Engagement

We will be writing more about this topic of customer adoption of iPad Kiosks and In-Store Marketing with iPad over the coming weeks and months. Let us know what you think. What did you like about this article? What topics can we expand on? Leave your comments for us below. We’ll respond!

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