Why Invest in a Clear iPad Kiosk for Your Business

Kiosk designs play an important role in helping your customers become familiar with your products or services that your business offers. Today, kiosks are now being featured in retail spaces, museums, as well as other venues. As the kiosk grows to become more popular, the importance of the design becomes that much more important. Interactive kiosks are able to help visitors collect detailed information about what your business has to offer. Wherever you display your iPad kiosk, the kiosk itself should be attractive as well as simple to use. Similar to displays in Apple stores, a clear iPad kiosk case provides your device with a transparent, low profile presentation that is effective in keeping the iPad completely exposed, yet secured.

Acrylic iPad Kiosk

Lucite Acrylic Kiosk

By investing in a Lucite Acrylic Kiosk for your store’s iPad, you will be making a statement for your business. Its transparent backing and sides, stainless steel hardware and complimenting faceplate (available in white or black) will provide your iPad setup with that “Apple” feel. The customized faceplate of the kiosk can be designed to fit your brand. This is the ideal type of case that will fit well in most environments, including restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and clubs. You will find that customers tend to react better when they can see a familiar brand name in your place of business.

When you visit www.iPadKioskSolution.com, you will find a variety of iPad cases that will greatly impact the appearance of your business’s kiosk. For example, the SL800c Countertop is an exceptional choice for kiosk protection. Not only will it show off the unique design of the iPad, it will also portray the brand image of Apple, a brand that many people are familiar with today. This particular product costs approximately $240 and has a few options to choose from. Currently, this model is available for the iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. The faceplate of this clear iPad kiosk is available in white or black. If you wish to include your business logo on the kiosk, a custom option is available as well. In addition to the color of the kiosk, you may also choose between Restricted or Unrestricted Home Button Access. This option simply means whether or not you will allow customers to access the iPad’s “Home” area when they press the “Home Button”. If you would prefer that your customers stay logged into a specific application on the iPad, you may want to opt for the Restricted Home Button Access.

Clear iPad Enclosure

Although the protection of the iPad is of utmost importance, the design in which the iPad is displayed in is of equal significance. As mentioned before, the clear iPad enclosure, such as the Lucite Acrylic iPad case, is a great way to protect your iPad as well as show it off to your customers. In many cases, the more attractive your iPad is, the more your customers will be drawn to it. Consider investing in a clear iPad case for your iPad today.

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