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Acrylic iPad Kiosk

Why Invest in a Clear iPad Kiosk for Your Business

Kiosk designs play an important role in helping your customers become familiar with your products or services that your business offers. Today, kiosks are now being featured in retail spaces, museums, as well as other venues. As the kiosk grows to become more popular, the importance of the design becomes that much more important. Interactive […]

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tablet stand

Why Your Business Should Implement a Tablet Kiosk

The sleek design and touch screen technology of a tablet presents incredible consumer appeal. As a result, there is an increased interest for integrating tablets for self-service application presentation. Taking a consumer device, such as a tablet, and placing it in a commercial environment can pose many challenges. A tablet can be set up as […]

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iPad kiosk

The Benefits of Using an iPad for Your Business

Since the introduction of the iPad, more and more businesses have been seen using these devices for interactive displays. Today, there are many applications available for the iPad that your business can utilize in order to attract potential customers. In fact, the iPad is often used as a solution for information kiosk needs and presentations […]

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Conference Logo

iPad Stands For Conferences

iPads are quickly becoming a powerful tool for conference goers.  There was once a time when conference organizers would spend months beforehand creating binders and organizers for each attendee.  Besides the time commitment, efforts had to be made to distribute the material to everyone attending. With the entrance of the tablet, the need for printed […]

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put ipad in store

Where to Set Up an iPad Kiosk in Your Retail Store

One of the biggest questions that we get from people who buy iPad Kiosks from us is, “where should I set up the iPad Kiosk in my store?” It’s a very legitimate question. Business owners want to be able to visualize where they are going to put their iPad in their store. It’s important to […]

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Digital Sign App

Transforming The iPad Into A Digital Sign For Your Business

If you’re a business owner and have looked into digital signage for your storefront, you probably know it’s not cheap!  Between hardware, installation, software, and graphic design costs a single setup can cost thousands of dollars.  Additionally, if you wish to update the content of the sign, further costs may be incurred.  Many business owners […]

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Use iPad in Dentist Office

Dentist Offices Turn To iPads To Engage Patients

Besides getting cavities filled, what is the main complaint commonly heard about dentist offices?  The wait!  In the past, patients have typically spent their time reading worn out magazines found in the waiting room.  The more progressive offices installed TV’s to improve the waiting experience.  However today, we are seeing dentists and doctors alike take […]

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iPad Stand For Business

iPad Stands For Your Business: Options Available

Businesses are beginning to buy iPads by the truckload in order to equip their employees and digitize their store fronts with the latest technology.  Many business owners rush to purchase these devices without giving much thought as to how they will be displayed or protected.  Below, we will explore the various types of business iPad […]

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iPad Mini preview

iPad Mini Release & What It Means For Your Business

Rumors are swirling as the much anticipated official announcement of the iPad Mini release draws nearer.  The word on the street is that the new tablet could be released as early as September 2012.  The “wow” factor to this new Apple product is the expected price tag of only $200 to $250!  If this pricing […]

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Customized iPad Enclosure

iPad Stands For Your Store – Options Available In Today’s Market

iPad Stands made specifically for stores, also known as iPad Kiosks and iPad Enclosures, have come a far way since they became available for sale soon after the iPad hit the market.  What started out as simple metal cases that bolted to a store counter top now come in all shapes, colors, and styles.  Whether […]

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