Why Your Business Should Implement a Tablet Kiosk

Tablet computerThe sleek design and touch screen technology of a tablet presents incredible consumer appeal. As a result, there is an increased interest for integrating tablets for self-service application presentation. Taking a consumer device, such as a tablet, and placing it in a commercial environment can pose many challenges. A tablet can be set up as a table mount, wall mount or free-standing kiosk as an effective information and sales engagement tool; however, when it comes to minimizing the threats against a tablet in a public setting (i.e. theft, vandalism, dropping, damage from spilled drinks, broken screens, etc.), one of the best solutions will be a tablet kiosk.

It is fairly clear to see how a tablet kiosk solution can be used for customer self-service, assistance with sales, scheduling, customer satisfaction and more. A tablet is specifically designed to be appealing to the consumer and a majority of consumers enjoy the convenience a tablet is able to offer; however, it can be quite a challenge to present the device to consumers in a way that will protect it without reducing the device’s innovative design. The solution is simple: a tablet kiosk.

Kiosks To Display & Protect Your Tablet

tablet standToday, there are several consumer-grade tablet computers available on the market. They are well-engineered and at a glance, they seem to be the ideal alternative to a traditional Kiosk; however, appearances can often be deceptive. When using a tablet kiosk in place of a conventional kiosk, there are several factors to consider; hardware will be one of the main concerns. In general, consumer devices are designed to be handled carefully by the owner and are not made to withstand rough treatment.

Due to the high initial cost of a personal tablet, the owner will have plenty of incentive to care for their own device. In contrast, commercial kiosks are designed to be durable enough to withstand retail store customers (whom have no obligation to exercise care). Unlike commercial kiosk hardware, tablet computers are more desirable targets for thieves. Without protective cases, anti-theft devices, mounting brackets and anti-tampering covers, these tablets can easily be taken and resold. A well-equipped tablet kiosk can be a simple solution to prevent theft.

The explosion of consumer tablet adoption has led to a similar explosion in kiosk options, including pedestals, countertops, wall mounts and table tethers. If you are ready to put your business’ tablets to work serving your customers, you should see what options are available to help you present as well as protect your kiosk in the best way possible.

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