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Today, iPads are commonly used as a productivity tool in the business environment.  What started out as an entertainment/consumer device is now a valuable asset to businesses across many industries.  From board rooms to checkout counters, iPads are one of the most versatile business computing devices available today.

When it comes to deciding whether an iPad makes sense for your business, it is usually an easy decision – either “yes” or “no”.  However, the real challenge is determining which apps you will want to utilize for your business.  With an abundance of apps on the market, finding the best one for your specific needs may be a daunting task.  Below we explore a variety of iPad business apps that have received positive reviews and that we consider contenders for top in class within their respective categories.

iPad Productivity Apps

Presentations  – Teleprompt+

Looking to deliver a speech, record a testimonial, or give a presentation?  As the most advanced and full-featured professional teleprompter for the iPad, Teleprompt+ is worth the small investment.  Useful features include the below:

  • Use iPhone as a remote control for the iPad teleprompter (to change speeds & font size)
  • Record video of yourself using the iPad camera to create a complete presentation/speech that can then be delivered to others
  • Pair with AirTurn Footpedals or Bluetooth keyboard for additional remote control options
  • Drobbox and Google Docs integrations

teleprompter ipad app


Lead Capture & Contact Information Collection – OnSpot Social

Finding new leads is critical to the survival of most businesses today.  Whether at a trade show, event, or in-store – collecting lead & customer contact information is a must.  Using an iPad app to collect email addresses and contact information makes the process simpler and quicker.  OnSpot Social allows individuals the ability to enter information directly into your database, eliminating the need for you to manually enter their information from a business card or pen & paper signup sheet.  OnSpot Social features include:

  • Easy-to-use email address and contact information data collection
  • Allow customers and prospects to Like your business’s Facebook page or Follow your Twitter account on the spot.
  • Full screen messaging and animated digital sign features

ipad app to collect email addresses


Staff & Visitor Monitoring – SwipedOn

In today’s world, personnel monitoring and site security is a high priority for many organizations.  From office buildings to schools, there is a need to track the individuals entering and exiting a facility.  SwipedOn is a digitized In/Out Board iPad app that includes a robust feature set.  Key features include:

  • In/Out board with intuitive interface
  • Ability to share status updates with others
  • Advanced security features including optional swipe code security and visitor I.D. photo printing
  • Detailed reporting including consolidated work hours for payroll

in/out board ipad app


Point of Sale – ShopKeep POS

Retail stores and restaurants across the globe rely on some form of a point of sale system.  As iPads drop in price, they are becoming a less expensive POS management option compared to the traditional systems that have been utilized for the past 20+ years.  Today, there is an abundance of iPad POS apps available on the market.  We like ShopKeep POS for the following reasons:

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Sales reporting that’s accessible via smart phone from any location
  • Free, always available customer service
  • Ability to accept payment through PayPal at the point of sale

point of sale ipad app


Meetings – FuzeBox

iPads were designed to allow people to do more while on the go.  As more professionals work remotely today than ever before, tablet based meeting apps are becoming quite useful.  FuzeBox has developed a premier mobile meeting app that works well with their already impressive web-meeting platform.  Below are notable features of FuzeBox’s iPad app:

  • Attend meetings as an Annotator, Presenter, or Attendee
  • HD content viewing
  • Laser pointer feature and advanced content control
  • Runs smoothly even on 3G and 4G mobile connections

mobile meeting ipad app


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